How To Play Fingerstyle Guitar

For complete beginners as well as for advanced players who want to learn finger style guitar. By Dutch ace player Eltjo Haselhoff, English version.

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Review by Michael C. Brumley, Posted on 23-06-2014, 5 Stars.
I've played electric guitar for many years and recently attempted (and struggled) to learn fingerstyle on my own. Now, I'm working through the DVD and fingerstyle is *finally* making sense. Eltjo breaks down all aspects of the technique. The system is "idiot proof" (I should know), one just has to put in the time. Well worth the money. The teaching is excellent, but be prepared to spend up to a year perfecting everything in the course. Eltjo goes over potential pitfalls and learning curve frustrations and how to overcome them. He also has a good (dry) sense of humor. Oh, and his playing is crazy good.